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While I was growing Up:

With a very humble beginnings I was born is middle class family & was a happy go lucky child who had no idea of what the external world is all about. Someone who was living in his own fancy world.

The typical day used to be full of games and learning with a school bag of around 12 Kgs on my shoulder ( Yes, I am from that offline age of schooling)

My parents, irrespective of our financial situation, always ensured that I get a good education. With huge expectation and responsibility to change the future of my family I completed my +2 from Maths & Biology.

Lost my Father during Final Exams of +2 and resulted in low grades 🙂 …

College Life :

What is that!!! Yeah I was someone who never got an opportunity to find out what college life is all about.

Started working immediately after my +2 to ensure I do not become dependent on my mother..

Completed my Graduation along with my Job in 2006.

My 20s :

I had no clue of what I wanted to become

I had no vision or goals in my mind

I had no savings and neither any financial backing

I kept on doing Job and meeting my expenses without any purpose.

Met lot of Self Proclaimed Gurus in the journey. (It never helped though 🙂 )

Completed MBA after 12 Years of corporate experience thinking it is going to fetch me designation and higher salary (nothing happened)

Someone suggested join a good B-School for Management Development Program, Shortlisted IIM Lucknow and completed MDP in 2015

2016 Started my first Startup into Education which eventually got sold and revamped with new name.

2017 got into IT Startup , got Chinese investors, closed the company in 2018.

2018 got into e Commerce and kept doing the side hustle until in 2020 I got my Click to go Full Time..

My Entrepreneurial Journey:

Initial 15 years of corporate and startups taught me too much about startups, businesses, self development & growth strategies. I also got to know a lot about myself , my goods and bad my weaknesses and strengths.

In 2019 and I got into personal coaching and mentoring and started helping budding entrepreneurs to build sustainable and scalable business.

I spoke with many aspiring individuals and helped them change their life and that was the point I got my Click …

What I am passionate about:

  • Social Media Growth Hacks
  • Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Startup Consulting
  • Bringing energy in the conversation
  • Crack really meaningless Jokes
  • Connecting with people through one word

I often speak on Public forums with education institutions and colleges.

My direct interaction with individuals help them make rightful decisions in life after knowing the pros and cons of the related actions. 

I work on simple philosophy  ” You Become what you think” 

Where “Thinking” is all about taking action with a positive mindset and applied knowledge.

Interested to maximize the potential of your sales team do not wait to connect me at growth@yashendramishra.com

Yashendra Mishra

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