Health Fitness Regime – Top 5 Most Powerful ways to start your Journey

Health Fitness is a discipline and the only thing that is required to enhance fitness levels is keep moving and never stop. I have also been slim and bulky as well. But the only thing that has helped me to be fit is consistency and progressive efforts. In this article today I am going to share few basic yet powerful steps to build a long term health and fitness regime.

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Start Small:

The biggest mistake people do is create a big target for fitness For. e.g. I will join the best Gym and shred 25 Kgs in Six months. That’s not realistic, though it’s not impossible at the same time.
But as humans we don’t run for long term goals we always enjoy easy and fast success. So the best way to achieve consistency is setting milestones.
Setting milestones simply calls for setting achievable goals . For. E.g , I will do gym 3 Days a week. Once you get consistent in one then move to next and then next and then next and so on..

Start with Existing resources:

Now, you must be thinking what do I mean by saying start with existing resources. Let me explain you,
Most to the time when we try to start our fitness journey, we plan to go to best gym, buy best branded gym wear, get best supplements and protein and gadgets and what not.
BUT, Let me tell you the more you go with new resources the more you are getting away from you goal. Like I mentioned earlier Fitness is a all about discipline, so first only focus on that.
How do achieve that is simple, just wear your existing sports wear and go out and start walking, then running and then skipping and so on and so forth and when you feel now you have started loving fitness and you need it more, then join a gym.
Always remember, before your body hits the gym, it needs to be loosen up else the Gym routine will be tough for you and then you will miss on your goals and get disheartened. So, just start your journey with existing resources

Start with setting an Activity Time:

Now, That’s critical as like we brush our teeth in the morning , similarly to get anything in routine its critical to set a time to that activity and ensure that you don’t do anything at that time. In the beginning just get up and do nothing and you will see slowly and gradually , the body will start demanding routine. Start with just getting ready.

Start Counting Calorie Intake and Burn:

No Fitness Goal can be achieved without proper nutrition and the first step to do it is conscious eating. Start tracking your meals through apps. There are many such apps available on Playstore or app store which can help you do that. Also use apps like Google Fit etc to track your daily fitness activities including walk etc. This will help you to balance the intake and burn of calories and manage Calorie Deficit eating routine.

Find a Fitness Buddy:

Everyone needs a push, sometimes reasons give you a push and sometimes peer pressure. If you are the later one, find someone who can really push you on daily basis. Finding a reason to become fit is the easiest thing to start in a fitness journey.

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