Should I do MBA? Is it Worth it? Top 5 Reasons to avoid Failures

I get questions from a lot of youngsters regarding MBA requirements, In this article let me share my Views!!

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Disclaimer: Please note the views shared in this post are my personal views and in no case are not meant to hurt the sentiments of MBA Professors and educators.

Well, the above disclaimer was very much required as I am going to break the myth around MBA.

Starting my career at the early age of 18 where I was not even a graduate, I kept growing within organizations from an executive level to a top management level. Did MBA help ?? — No it did not..

Got married with a beautiful soul and blessed with a beautiful daughter, Did MBA help ?? 🙂 Of course not.

Failed in 2 businesses, lost 2.5 Million, had to start again from scratch. Could have been avoided if I was an MBA? Definitely No…

Left jobs, did side-hustle, fell multiple times, stood up again. Did MBA force me to do so? Without any doubt No…

Now, friends, the question is, then Why MBA Is required or Not at all required….Keep reading you are going to get the answer…..

The irony of our education system is such that after putting 16 years in education, once we complete our education we come and guess… “What is the first thing we do? — Start looking for Job…

So, the fact is our education system is designed in such a way that they prepare us to become a good employee or a manager… Do You agree?

Now, Let me Give you Top 5 Reasons

First Point

If you want to be an employee, MBA Is not required as in Job you get a promotion based on how well you are demonstrating capability of your next level or how well you start acting like the next level.

Second Point

History shows that college dropouts have been fairly better entrepreneurs as compared to Qualified ones. So there also MBA doesn’t play a role.

Third Point 

Most of the professors & Educators who teach MBA are themselves not doing Business, No Offence to our Gurus, but do we follow poor philosophers? I guess No, at least I did not.. Yes I still have a lot of gratitude to my teachers for making me who am I today. But… MBA did not help there as well.

Fourth Point

We spend 5 Million on our education and then look for 2 million salaries and then work for 30 years of life, 10 hours a day for 300 days a year. so basically fixing ourselves with just 90000 hours in our entire life to make money. Does MBA Teach us how to increase time, The answer is still NO.

Fifth Point

Lot of people say, do MBA and you will become successful and rich, can anyone guarantee it. The answer is NO. so MBA is definitely not required to be successful.

So now, what is required to be successful?

With my experience only the following is required to be successful —

  1. A clear Goal or Target of what I want to achieve
  2. A platform or vehicle to achieve the above goals
  3. A mentor or guide to hold your hand and support you in the journey
  4. Focus on Milestones (Victory Laps motivate us)
  5. Basic technical and business knowledge ( Only required looking at Digital Era)

I have covered in my previous blog, the importance of starting from a reason – Read the post here – What is more important? Why or How? Should we Start with Why

I will be covering all the above in subsequent topics, hope the above points helped you. If yes.. do share your inputs through comments.

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