What is more important? Why or How? Should we Start with Why

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What is more important? Why or How? Should we Start with Why 1

Do you think there is a difference in mindset for being an employee as compared to an entrepreneur should we start with why or how. Let’s dive deeper

9 to 5 with fixed hours and fixed skills yields fixed income with a boss on the head controlling 60% of your life from getting up to sleep, even your washroom mirrors have the target sheet pasted.

Do you want to remove the corporate boss from Head?

The answer to this is Hell!! Yes… So what’s the next thought, let me do something in which I am good at, basically I will do something that I know. Since I know the “How”, I will do it the best.

Result- Boss removed from your head, Now you are your own boss, Yes !!! 🙂

BUT… the time still is 24 hrs in hand .. so what’s the solution, work hard, put more time make more money..Because again it’s Fixed Time and Skills.. so fixed output…

Now came Pandemic… I can’t go out what should I do, If I don’t go out I will not make money… My business is dependent upon me… end result..I am broke….

Next Move… Go Back to Job!!!

this is a typical journey of moving between “how” & “What” where almost 99% of the world is stuck… and we keep on finding the secret to success.

I was also the same… typical Jobbie…

But then came a time doing something along with job became emergency and not desire…and then comes the role of Decision Making… That I will do it no matter what…

Now, it’s no more about “how” you do it, It’s more about “Why” I do it as it’s an urgency now…

That’s what happens when you set a clear reason to do something…

That’s what my friend is the secret to success…

Successful people are successful not because of money, experience, or knowledge but more than that, they are successful because they started with what is called as “Why”

So… ” Start with WHY

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