Time Management in 20s-Most Effective and powerful ways

Starting your career, Need help that can help you manage your time, If the Answer is “Yes”,you are at the right place. Read till end to understand time management !!!
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I am working hard but still I am not getting results or output. It’s not because you have chosen the wrong business or job, its because you are not able to manage time.
20s is the most critical duration where we do a lot of mistake and learn from them. In this article I am going to share Top 5 Time Management Hacks that you must know in your 20s.

Here we go,

  1. Prioritize:

    Someone never runs out of time. When we put up a task to do but don’t put a priority sequence on it, we tend to focus more on the things which are not priority. If it was really important and urgent, then it would have definitely happened as you would have kept it on priority.
    Let’s understand this with example: Exercise daily is important but not urgent and that’s the reason it at the last priority list, but if by not doing exercise your health goes for toss, then doctor advises you to do exercise and that time it becomes Urgent. So we don’t prioritize till anything become urgent.
    So, Don’t wait until anything become urgent, always put a priority while creating a schedule for the day.
  2. Keep some buffer time:

    Always plan for effective four to five hours of real work each day. This shall help you to keep a buffer time for yourself and in that time you can focus on analysis the effectivity and expected outcome versus real outcome.
  3. Keep up the zone:

    As humans we cannot be in the same zone throughout the day. Especially in 20s it is all together critical due to more diversions. So always try to focus on urgent things when you are in Zone and try to relax when you are not feeling being in zone.
  4. Do not Multitask:

    If you really want to stay focused do not try to do multiple things together as doing that you cannot extract your maximum potential and all things that you will be doing will be incomplete. In simple words you are trying to exhaust your brain while you multitask. An exhausted brain can never give best results.
  5. Don’t try to do big things first:

    Focus on building small things first and then try to move to big things. This will help you to have better learnings and scope of making mistake. 20s is the best time to make mistake and learn from them. When you do small things first, you will not have much to loose. And based on your learning the scope of getting success in big things would increase.

Success in 20s is the function of your right mindset and efforts in positive direction. It’s good make mistakes. Explore new ideas and execute them. Few of the new business ideas you can do in your 20s are describe in my article – Top 5 Online Businesses to build growth in the 20s

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